Ministry Leader Resources & Guidelines

Ministry Leader Handbook

Purchasing Process & Procedures

Welcome to the Ministry Leader Team at Fallbrook Church!

Currently Being Revamped. Coming Soon July 2024

Download Check or Check Requests to be approved.
Please submit your requests for purchasing at least two weeks in advance.

Ministry Plan of Actions

POA is a ministry form that allows ministry leads to proactively think through each category when planning a ministry meeting or event. POAs ensure that room reservation, facility, multi-media, transportation, and budgeting needs are requested and can be met adequately. A POA must be submitted and approved before for an event can be published to the church calendar and be considered a “live and active” ministry event.

Treats on the Street Reservations

Social Media Request Form

Please complete this form and click submit. A Ministry Member from our team will contact you shortly with information regarding your reservation request. Please give us 24 to 48 hours to respond. Make sure the contact information you submitted is correct.

Ministry Events Reservations must be made with at least two (2) weeks advance notice. Please also budget for supplies.
This form allows you to request an independent social media post through Fallbrook’s main channels (not including ministry-specific channels like students, etc.). Examples would be a volunteer profile or a special ministry post (not related to an event).
Please use the Ministry Plan of Action Form (see above) for an event.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the nature of the post, this request will need to go through the proposal process and be approved by campus services ministry leads and/or campus pastors. Action on the request won’t be started until the approval has been received.

Microsoft Teams Templates

Access Templates for all Ministry Related Needs.