Fallbrook Church
Communications Specialist Job Description

The Communications Specialist is responsible for assisting in managing the communications and marketing strategy of Fallbrook Church to promote unity, authenticity, and clarity to the church body, ministry teams, staff, and the larger community. You must have a strong background in a variety of communications skill sets including verbal and written communication, social media, graphic design, web development, photography & videography.  Additionally, this position is responsible for supporting the administrative duties of the Communications Consultant.


Organizational & Strategy

  • Participate in weekly staff meetings and other creative meetings as needed.
  • Maintain, manage, and develop reports on creative goals to be achieved each year in partnership with the Communications Consultant and church leadership.
  • Execute the church’s communications strategy to timely, accurately, and sufficiently inform and engage our church body and community.
  • Work with staff to assist in developing communications systems and define priorities to create an environment in which messages can be communicated clearly, creatively, and effectively.
  • Create clear and efficient lines of communication for ministry communication needs and requests.
  • Perform other communication-related duties as assigned.

Design & Brand Management

  • Assist in writing and managing content for all communication channels at Fallbrook Church, in partnership with specific ministry leads as needed.
  • Monitor the appearance, brand, and feel of all promotional materials representing Fallbrook Church — ensuring they are in-line with brand standards.
  • Provide quality control for all communications while ensuring that graphic and editorial standards for brand, identity and logo are maintained.
  • Maintain an inventory of church-branded items and digital assets for internal and external use.

Website Management, Digital Communication & Social Media

  • Assist in managing all efforts related to the creation, strategy, upkeep, and execution of Fallbrook Church digital communication channels. (Website, email newsletter, text, social media, etc.)
  • Assist in developing and executing the Fallbrook social media strategy and content in coordination with the Communications team leadership to maximize engagement and audience growth.
  • Work with graphic designer to create graphics that are optimized for each platform in respect to text, dimensions, and tone.
  • Write compelling and engaging text to accompany videos, graphics, or photos.
  • Creatively build followings and engagement on various social media outlets.
  • Assist in overseeing social media messaging and communication strategies.
  • Assist in leading messaging and strategy for social media advertising campaigns.
  • Compile regular reports on top performing content and recommending strategy updates based on performance data for each platform.
  • Explore and test new campaign styles and types of content. Provide recommendations to adapt to evolving trends in social media content to achieve peak performance.
  • Monitor and reply to social media comments and inquiries in a timely manner. (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Monitor online conversations and trending topics to identify opportunities to insert Fallbrook Church into the narrative and bring attention to Fallbrook content.
  • Maintain a dynamic content calendar including planning appropriate content in observance of national holidays and news topics if applicable.

Video Creation & Livestream Management

  • Help develop and create social media content both related to Sunday services and other ministry needs.
  • Think forward and ideate opportunities for video projects as well as respond to ministry requests and needs related to video.
  • Login to livestream, monitor and respond to all comments. Welcome online guests and provide a weekly report of viewership and engagement.
  • Ability to support and equip Communications Ministry volunteers with video production.

Media Relations

  • Help manage relationships with third-party advertising, marketing and public relations agencies, consultants, and designers.
  • Assist in implementing a strategy for becoming more visible in the community.
  • Help create an awareness and proactive relationship with local news publications, blogs, non-profits, and businesses.
  • Help develop and enforce policy and procedures related to media relations.
Other duties as assigned by the Senior and/or Executive Pastor.


  • A mature, strong, and growing relationship with Jesus, heart for the local church, and a passion to use communications as a means of ministry to open doors for Gospel impact.
  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, or related field with appropriate experience.
  • A minimum of 4 years’ experience in the field.
  • Excellence in written communication skills, including editing and copywriting. This individual serves as an additional set of “eyes” for all things print and electronic, looking for clear communication, brand presence, and consistency.
  • Experience with developing promotional materials.
  • Experience with online platforms for web and social media; basic understanding of HTML and CSS for maintaining website content.
  • Experience working with communication platforms in a professional setting.
  • Experience with graphics design tools, such as the Adobe creative suite of products
  • Experience meeting deadlines and navigating multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strong organizational & people skills, creativity, flexibility, self-motivation, and the ability to thrive in a team setting. Ability to work effectively with church members, staff, and volunteers.
  • Ability to pick up new skills and technologies quickly.
  • Strong visionary, planning, and organizational skills.
  • Able to multi-task and is a self-starter.




  • Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K
  • PTO


8-hour shift Tuesday – Friday
Sunday mornings, occasional evenings, and travel periodically as needed.


Fallbrook Church
12512 Walters Road
Houston, TX 77014

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume and cover letter detailing their relevant experience to jcamble@fallbrookchurch.org.
For any questions or further clarifications regarding the position, please reach out to us at 281-444-2733.
We look forward to receiving your application and learning more about how you can contribute to the mission of Fallbrook Church.