Dear Fallbrook Family,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I write this letter to you in joy as we have seen God’s goodness to us, over the years, here at Fallbrook Church. As souls were added to the Fallbrook family, God increased our capacity to worship together, in one place, to His glory alone. We have also seen the expansion of our church campus as families, friends, and those who do not know Him continue to meet us here each week.

Since God has favored us to expand in the physical space, it is now time for us to make updates to our sanctuary as we remain vigilant in the church’s maintenance. For this reason, I am asking that you would be prayerful about and open to contributing to our Project Extreme Makeover campaign as we seek to enhance the worship experience here at Fallbrook Church.

In Christ,

Michael A. Pender, Sr.
Senior Pastor

How Can We Give to the Extreme Makeover?

Plan your commitment to giving weekly, monthly, or annually by filling out a pledge card or sending your one-time gift. Please contact us to discuss various giving options including non-cash contributions.